Residenza Strozzi - Historical residence in Florence

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Welcome and feel at home!

Unpack your luggage and be ready to enjoy a fabulous time: Residenza Strozzi is wonderfully located and you really are perfectly placed to discover Florence and Tuscany. City amusements and the busy markets of Florence or peace in the villa's grounds.

Located on the historic Strozzi-Riccardi estate, a protected and peaceful area of more than 20 hectares, just outside of the centre of Florence, at the foot of the hill of Settignano, in a marvelous environment, surrounded by meadows and olive groves... Residenza Strozzi offers guests the best of all worlds!

The Strozzi family were second only to the Medici in Renaissance Florence. Just to show they were big cheeses in the 15th century, they built their intentionally imposing Palazzo Strozzi on Via de' Tornabuoni, the smartest shopping street in the centre of Florence. This was their town house. Their country house was built here, a mere 4 km from the city centre in what was then open country. The villa now sits in its own estate, peaceful and serene, continuing to keep the vulgar world at bay.